Guro Marie (snesommer) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Guro Marie

Oh, it’s shiny, my hair that is. Had my good friend and neighbour Hanne helped me colour it today. I don’t have any pictures of that jet, because it’s still wet, what I do have are Halloween pictures. The party was at Hulen in Bergen vest in Norway, a really nice setting for a halloweenparty. The theme was 1920’s freak show, and I went as the knife throwers assistant. When we got there it turned out that me and my friend Thomas were almost the only ones that had costumes that had anything to do whit the theme. He went as the bearded lady. To bad you can’t really se my dreads in the photos. (the pictures are from the pre-party, more pictures from the pre-party and from the party will be posted in my LJ)

Helge, my former flatmate.

Thomas, the bearded lady.

A really bad picture of me, and yes that is a lighter in my bra.

click on the pictures to se them in a bigger view.
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