about a girl (floreo) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
about a girl

i did check the memories under 'loops' and 'hair types', as well as 'curly hair dreads' but this question wasn't addressed in depth:

i'm starting my 4th set soon and would like this set to be curlier (truer to my natural hair type). I'm assuming the trick is to create thinner dreads that would have less of a tendency to get thick quickly and grow straight. i really love my crazy hair as it is now, and was hoping to keep that craziness. i know it can be done as a lot of beutiful people here have a curl or wave to their dreads. Please share any thoughts about how you got your set. I know every hair type is different, so it might depend on the thickness, texture and type of hair and less on how you made them, but info would be appreciated! i'll post photos when i'm done!
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