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I did RTM.....don't worry....

I'm starting a new job where I work with heavy dangerous machinery. I must have my hair tied back, which is fine. However due to job requirements I cannot wear a hood/scarf/hat/plastic sheet(?)/anything that dangles while working on my machine. My job requires me to literally go into a paint box (a big giant cube where they paint large items) and clean it as well as adjust paint nozzles, ect.

I'm fairly concerned that really gross white paint is going to end up getting on and in my dreadlocks. I can't wear anything to protect them for safety reasons (not wanting to get caught on the conveyor to be pulled to my death is one of them). I've seen other people come out of this box and they all end up fairly covered in paint.

So the question: If I did have the unfortunate experience of getting said paint on or in my hair...is there anyway I could get it out other than cutting it?
Or any suggestions for how I could sway my supervisor into giving it a second thought? He didn't seem to worried about my hair getting painted at all when I brought it up. What would you say?...or do?
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