sioko (sioko) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

root loops sounds like cereal....

Yes, I read the memories, but it seems my question is a bit too specific to be answered by whats there.
I did learn extensively that root flipping is B-A-D for the dread look I want.

So here's the quick question;
My dreads are 4mo old and are knotting up fine, I am perfectly fine with the inch or so loose hair at the roots, what is bothering me is that one or two of the dreads on top have a loop of like 10-15 hairs right at the root base. It's like a very tiny thin strand of hairs is slowly working itself out of the dread starting from the root. It's not huge, but it is rather big. I am currently waiting out my hair's recovery from my recent chemical experiment, so simply pulling out this hair and sewing it back in won't work since my hair wants to tear instead right now. And, root rubbing doesn't seem to be working well. I just rubbed in the shower, and rubbed half dry, and the loop is unchanged, although the root is a bit snugger. So, granted that it's bad to flip the dread through the center of the root, would it be ok to flip it under that loose loop? Not to tighten the root, but to get that loop to chill and not stick up off my head like a little hair rainbow... Do you think this sort of mini-flip will have the same consequences as out right root flipping. I don't plan on doing this regularly, as like root maintenance or anything, just to "fix" this one annoying loop.

Thanx if you swim through my rambling to answer my question! <3
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