nicoblue (soulhaus) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

hellloooooo STRANGERS! or, those just strange.
i know i've been long absent, and even possibly *GASP* forgotten, howeva...

i still exist!
i know.
crazy but true.
been travelling up and down the west coast like a mad woman - by foot, bicycle, thumb, and volvo. been places i've never heard of, wouldn't believe, and may never even find again.

going, goin, go I!

good, eh?

from my birthday :) the roots are growing out and it's sad, but the bleach just isn't
good for them. the brown roots are growing in wonderfully thick and strong, though!

so, other than just random hey, how ya doins, etc (which means picture peeking *meeep lurve squish chomp*), i was posting to remind all you beautifully knotty west coasters that
knot your average girl
still exists in full force and has spread from california to the states of oregon and washington as well.

incase anyone here is looking for installation or maintenance, i'm always looking for some fun new heads to play with. oh, and nowadays, if you're interested, i can even come with a puppy. he's rad. :D
(...or no puppy, if you're pupllergic!)

blondiedread @ gmail dot com for any interested parties.

and lish, if you're still in seattle, we should do tea some time, and discuss the magic of colour? :)

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