Rachel (prttywthapistol) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

So.. I am planning on combing out my dreads in about a month or so.. mid-December. And a girl once told me that if I just start washing my hair with normal shampoo they'll pretty much unknot themselves. I would think it would take a while of washing them with normal shampoo for them to start to untangle.. but I am not sure how long. I want to make the combing-out process as easy as possible, so would it make sense to start washing them with normal shampoo soon so that they're easier to comb out in a month? Or would it not make that much of a difference in the end and just make them look like crap for the next month?

My mom was making my sisters and I go to get Christmas pictures taken.. so we decided to put little Christmas light bulbs in my hair :D


My little sister and I.

I'll try posting the actual pictures we had taken when we get them..
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