Kieran (walklikethunder) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

This may seem sort of silly... oh well!
I've wanted my dreads back for quite a long time, and I decided this summer, it's it. I'm waiting for the back of my hair to grow out to proper dreading length. It's only at about two inches now, and I really want enough for them to stick. My biggest concern is entering the work world. I've had dreads in the past as I said, but it was in high school, and I had little responsibility. Now, I'm about to enter the professional world, and a big concern is having trouble finding a job because I'm dready.
Are there any professionals on the forum? Any suggestions? The reason I'm timing the locks for this summer is also because I'm going to be up in Canada and I feel like it would be a good freeing experiance... but i certianly don't want to lose the locks when I return.
Thanks for any advice and such.
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