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job found!

hey you guys. i hope all is well in your world. just to let you know i found a job..where im afraid to mention because some of you will deeply protest, cause its for corporate america..but the pay for start is pretty good..now i just have to get past that 3 month thing, which i have never heard of in my 18 years of living..but w/e.

i went into an outdoor market type thing to look for a new tam, and the worker had these really nice dreads and his whole aura made me smile..or maybe hes paid to be outgoing..but i cant be thinkin like that..and then i went on the subway and some dreaded fellow was playing the djembe, and i was completely enthralled for the 5 minutes i was waiting for my train to arrive.

ahhhh. i am so happy to be back in the nyc with all its diversity..its so comforting..you dont even know.

and nyc people, im still looking for a place to live, so if you see or hear something please please let me know.

also, what are some natural detox's? im not talking about those crazy pills or drinks that they make sp. for drug tests..but other stuff.
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