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I figure I'll try my luck; if anybody in the North FL area (closer to Gainesville the better) wants to trade maintenance or something let me know!

I've got felting needles, wool, and a crochet hook if you need them. I don't need a maintenance master or anything, but I DO need somebody to help me reach the back of my head :)

If you don't want to trade maintenance I can barter with cold hard cash or any number of my relatively useless life skills.
I'll smoke you out, too, if that kind of thing floats your boat!

Also, quick Q, Does anyone think the fact that I lovelovelove wearing hoods and bandannas is keeping my roots from locking up as fast as they could? Keeping my hair back all of the time, at first, seemed like it was making them a little funky so I quit and they locked up better; so I'm wondering.

Please excuse my lop-sided squinty stoned eyes. My boyfriend took this not-so-flattering pic, but I thought it was pretty funny :)

And for maintenance purposes, here's what you'd be working with:

Some of my roots need some loving :/

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