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starting my first set.

i know you get this a lot but i'm really nervous about starting my first set. Like i'm totally game about changing my hair but i am so afraid of messing up, and untop of this i'm also starting my friends first set of dreads too. I looked through the memories (cause well as you have all noticed i'm totally new at this.) and i found out a lot about it and i was thinking about finding stuff on knotty boy but i really don't know how i feel about it. I've checked it out a little bit but what are you're views on knotty boy? A friend of mine (who has dreads but doesn't work on them himself) gave me some tips. I would ask anyone in Michigan for help but i really wanna learn on my own ya know. I think i would enjoy it a lot more. eeeek i'm so nervous.

oh on a sidenote i'm maria and i really can't wait to start this process. I'm really super stoked about it. =]
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