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muh dreads, muh, muh, muh dreads...

"long time lurker, first time poster" as they say.

i just thought id share a little tidbit of my life. basically starting out my dreads "au naturale" style simply by not brushing. i wash my hair as normal though, about four to five times a week, but i dont use conditioner. some more are starting to form and a couple are pretty tight, suprisingly. i didnt want to do a whole head of dreads yet, at least not until im out of high school, so im just letting my hair do its natural thing. maintanance: i tease my hair a lot so it helps...and ill just tease each individual dread and palm roll when i feel like it.

i was wondering though, whats a good substance for keeping a dread together and helping it to lock faster? i know theres dread wax out there, but i cant find any anywhere and i have no money anyways. i know that some people use just ordinary households products, i.e. toothpaste (ive used it before; it worked quite well but got quite sticky) and honey...but i know that those attract bugs and increase chances of mold, ew! i would like to stick to something cheap and completely natural...but all suggestions are welcome

also, i was just wondering if any of you have done the natural method, and just wondering how long it took to get a whole head of dreads and how they turned out, and maintanance and what have you. just wondering and curious about your stories :)

i know theres probably tons of info about my questions in the memories, but im sorry, i have schizophrenia and im lazy and all the other excuses i could throw at you. :p

well, i hope you all have a super dreadful day :D

love, crumbyoldman
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