crumbyoldman (crumbyoldman) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

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:) thank you all!

wow...haha i cant believe that my post spurred an lj minifight..i feel important now!

anyways, to be diplomatic:

thank you to all who gave me practical advice, such as to simply NOT put anything in my hair. ive heard from so many people and so many places that wax is the way to go, and i felt...dare i say inadequate? that i wasnt using anything. thank you all!

and! thank you to those who directed me to the memories; yes, you called it: im extremely lazy and trying to get other people to do work for me! anyways, ive got more questions, such as ones concerning the annoying little loopie things that are occuring in two of my dreads... >_< so i guess ill just have to search the memories. bahh oh the complete responsibility and initiative of it all....hahaha.
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