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transformation unfolding

Dreads & Resource Usage

Hey all, I'm considering dreading my hair and have been scouring the memories to find out more about the realities of having them. I have a few questions regarding maintenance that I haven't seen covered yet. I currently have navel-length hair that is extremely low-maintenance: I brush it when I get up, put it up in a bun for the day (I have a grabby 4-month old son), take it down at night and braid it to sleep in. I want dreadlocks because a) I've always wanted them, and b) I miss seeing my gorgeous hair (grabby son -- pulling on a lock is easier to deal with than pulling on single strands). My hope is that it will be a fairly low-maintenance style once they're established. I can deal with the extra time needed for dealing with loose hairs and new hairs, but from what I'm reading, they require more resources than I currently use, with respect to energy and water usage. I let my hair air dry, and I only wash it once a week. My sense was that dreads were super low-maintenance, but now I'm not so sure. I'd love to have the community members' input on my questions:

*How long do your dreads take to dry?
(I know everybody will be different, so if you could give your approximate dread length, width and drying method, that would help lots.)

*Can dreads be air-dried?
(I don't use a hair dryer and haven't for many many years. I don't want to start needing to use one because I have dreads. It's an energy usage concern for me.)

*Exactly how much extra rinsing time do you need to rinse your dreads?
(I don't want to use lots more water than I currently do because my locks need tons of extra rinsing.)

*If you've used multiple methods of cleansing, which do you find to take the least amount of rinse time?
(I have used the no 'poo method before -- diluted baking soda and diluted ACV --, so I'm familiar with that method and would assume that the rinse time would be much less than were I to use something with soap. Can it be used on new locks?)

*How comfortable are dreads to sleep in?
(Um, this one's self-explanatory.)

*How soft are dreads?
(I'm a very tactile person. I've only felt dreads once or twice and they felt really rough to the touch. Is there any way around that?)

Thanks so much!
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