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johnny bubonic (brent saner)

tams? (this tam costs $300; let's get it)

(begin shameless pleading)
yay for interviews that go well!
not-yay for changing hair...

see, i had a job interview and they want to hire me. pretty badly, actually. but as any of you know who have seen my posts in here and naughty_knotty, my dreads are messy. loopy and lumpy and frizzy as hell. i like them like that, but my employer does not. (also i'll have to move closer prolly, but that's an entirely different post)

so i have a couple options:
1. i can (ugh) start using wax.... which i'd really rather not. (plus it wouldn't do anything about my lumps or loops, just the frizz)
2. i can crochet/felt them... but i'm really not high-maintenance about image (hell, i shower about once every three weeks and shave even less often) so i'm not sure if i'd have the motivation to be anal about the upkeep of crocheting like, once a week or so (how DO some of you do it? really, that would drive me nuts).
3. i can cut them off... (not an option, in my opinion.. but i'm nigh broke and i have rent coming up, so if it comes down to dreads vs. job, i'd take the job...)
4. i can cover them up!
so i think i might need a tam for my new job, and i was wondering if anyone would be interested in making me one...
i could always just go to a store and buy one, but i'd really rather support individual artists if i can. you'll of course be compensated :D
also, i will love you forever.

something like these?
or the dreadtams or dreadhats from here:

only in black (because then i don't need to worry about it matching with what i'm wearing! yay. also it'd prolly look more "professional")..
my future boss actually had dreads himself and he said that if he didn't need to send me out to clients, then he couldn't care less. i totally understand where he's coming from; it's unfortunate, but people out there DO judge your ability based upon your appearance.

i went through the memories and i KNOW a lot of you knit. :)

and since we don't like text-only posts much,

it's an old one (around 8 months ago), but still one of my favourites!
i'd take newer ones, but my camera has no batteries :(
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