Anna Cadaverous (velvetdecay) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Anna Cadaverous

Residue Q.

Alright if I missed this in the memories, someone just link me or somethin...but i honestly looked everywhere i could think of and I didnt see it, so..

My situation is this. Its been about 2 weeks now since i dreaded my hair. 3 days ago I washed it for the first time. I used DreadHead Shampoo. I decided to use the method of rinsing my shampoo out with large cups of water instead of trusting the showerhead, but I think I failed to get all the soap out. Ever since I washed them i've felt a residue on my hands after I palmroll. Furthermore, since the shower my dreads have been unravelling, despite all the maintenance i've done. Theres no smell to the residue, so i'm almost positive its not leftover wax...especially since I used the wax sparingly and there wasnt any left by the time I washed.

So the big I risk rinsing again to get rid of any residue I might have left behind or do I leave my hair alone, residue and all?

Help. :(

p.s. happy turkey day... my turkey coma is awwwwesome.
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