mafianurse (mafianurse) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

i had a couple questions obviously on dreads.ive had them twice before and ive had to comb them out each time.the reasoning is bc during the winter my scalp gets very dry and gets little scabs that are sooooo itchy and they flake off.almost like dandruff but alot worse.and it seems to only do it when my natural hair is growing finally onto the questions. afraid i wont be able to grow out dreads in my natural color so would be be ok to dye my hair and them start them...would it be ok to dye them every 6 months to keep my scalp problem away??
2.i used to use antibacterial soap to wash my dreads but that made things alot worse..what brands of residue free shampoo or soap does everyone use??
3.i workout everyday and its an obvious that when sweat dries(this might just be me)that you get itchy,therefore itchy it fine to at least rinse your hair everyday?? friend says that bleaching my hair will help to dry out my hair and make the dreads "form" better.i dont want to ruin my hair but is she right??
5.last one...wax.i know you dont have to use it but is it better to or no?
sorry if i asked too much its just that i really want my dreads back again and i want to make sure i have all of the info i can get from everyone so that i can keep them this time. :)
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