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I just had a "duuuuh!" moment.

I've had my dreads for about two weeks or so now, and my head is basically a mashed up experiment of different dread techniques because I was curious and well, I thought I'd share my "observations so far":

Sleeping with my head uncovered made my head messier, but it tightened my hair more quickly than when it was covered.

Wax didn't do much. I basically took a hunk of melted (and re-hardened) soy wax and rubbed and palm rolled while it was in my hand. It seemed to stick the hairs together temporarily, but did nothing to contribute to the tightening of my hair. Which is exactly what people who caution against it say.

Speaking of tightening- rubber bands suck. I took the rubber band out of my dreads almost immediately, however there were four "clumps" at the nape of my neck under the rest of the hair. I back combed it all and twisted rubber bands around it and left them. Last night I noticed that when I tried to sleep with my head at a certain angle my neck skin hurt. I thought it was weird, so I rubbed my neck and found the infamous red, raised bumps all along my rear hairline. They were itchy and hot and more sore than anything. There were also spots where my skin was being yanked up by my hair. Ow!

So, I went to the bathroom expecting to just pull out the rubber bands and I couldn't find them! There were knots and tangles around the rubber, which had been pulling it slowly tighter and tighter...but never stopped so it started to hurt. I had to hunt and dig until I found areas where I could break the bands. I got most of them out, but I still have knotted up bits of rubber in the back....aaaaaand my back dreads fell out.

Yay for horrible pain with absolutely no benefit!

So, y'now, now what I'm doing is basically leaving my hair alone, palm rolling the dreads that are forming up, back combing the ends a bit, and enjoying the loose hair at the back of my neck. Yay for no pain!

I'm feeling lazy and my camera is put away and I have a doctor's appointment, so no peektures but soon there will be!
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