sioko (sioko) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Rounding the tips question

I've spent 4 very interesting hours in the memories trying to find any mention of the concern I have here and found none. So it may not even BE a concern, or it just wasn't brought up so....

I love my natural ends. I do. But I was bored and curious and rounded the tips of three of my (omg, they're almost 6mo! I've been telling everyone they are 4mo!) ok, almost 6mo dreads with a crochet hook. They look pretty good, with the tips all locked up round and tight. So I thought I'd do a few more... Then I started worrying about if the crocheted tips will act like banded tips and slow the locking process.... so....

Have any of you experienced dread wearers ever rounded the tips of your dreads when they were still young and immature?
How do you think it effected their dread progression?
Do you think the rounded ones locked slower than the natural tipped ones?
Would you recommend rounding the tips of immature dreads?
Did you do it and have a bad experience I should consider as a risk?
Should I wait a solid year or so before considering rounding/crocheting anymore of my tips for the sake of speedy locking?

I was thinking a mixture of rounded and natural tips would look interesting, but I don't want to slow them down. (-_-)
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