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A question and a racially confused girl

okay, I had to share this.

The other day my terminally white (okay, it's not ACTUALLY fatal...) friend asked me if I "have to scratch my head like black girls do when they have extensions."

I'm not sure which is funnier; her racially mixed-up idea of a weave or her dreadie innocence.

fjlkj            jkjekjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

Sorry, my cat Arf is sleeping across a few very important parts of my computer.

Anyway, I wanted to share that, but I also had a question.

My hair is always getting in my face. The dreads in the front are still fairly short and they tend to stick out at crazy random angles when I stick them back with a bandanna or headband, so usually I just hold the longer hair from around the ears back with them.
But still, there's that hair in my face. I'm a bad enough driver as it is I don't need a dread blind spot!

I'm wondering if anyone has tried hair clips? I can imagine they'd really flatten the dread, unless I could find the kind that don't press so hard against it (I can't really explain them, but I hope you know wtf I'm talking about). I think that mine are thin enough that a hair clip might hold them, though bobby pins are a no-go.

My apologies if something like this is already in the memories, but I've read them pretty thoroughly in the past and don't remember seeing anything about it. :)!
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