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hello everybody! my name is nicole. people call me nicole, nick, nicky, nicky-c, nixie, nicollette, and whatever else so feel free to call me what you want. i posted a few weeks ago with a question about a friend's dreads and also explained my story a bit but let me do a

i can remember being fascinated by dreads since elementary school... somewhere around 8 years old. some kids at school had them and i would run home and ask my mom all about them. when i was that young i used to put thin braids all over my head but that is the closest i have ever been to actually dreading my hair. until today that is! it's been over 4 years since i decided that i wanted them but my hair was shorter than your average boy's at the time. the next two years i wasn't really as passionate about them as i had been so i didn't want to start anything i wasn't planning on finishing. lately i have been urning(sp?) for them! i have had multiple dreams about them in the past few months and today i woke up and put one right smack-dab in the middle of the top of my head. i had to run to school for a group meeting and while i was on the bus on my way home my heart started pounding and i decided i was going to do it. no looking back. i got off the bus a few stops early, went to the grocery store, picked up a comb and rubber bands and walked the rest of the way home. i hopped in the shower around 2pm and the funny thing is my hair started knotting up in the shower and it rarely does that! maybe it was as excited as i was!! hah... anyways, i started dreading around 3:30. i was so excited! i couldn't calm down!! but much to my dismay my hair was reluctant to dread up because it was too slick. after attempting a little over half of my head i gave up for a while. it was also almost time for me to go to work... good thing i bought the rubber bands. don't worry, i didn't use them at the roots to section!!! i had a feeling my hair would be a bit stubborn so i bought them with the idea that i would put them on the bottoms just to hold them for a bit until i got them all sorted out. and that's what i did and how i kept the under-half of my head all through work. i got back home and soaked my head in warm salt water and that really helped so much! after drying all of it, i started re-dreading and taking the bands out around 11:15ish. unfortunately i was not as excited as i had been earlier. i started to freak out and have doubts but i made myself push through. around 12:20 my neighbor owen came over and he thought what i was doing was so cool! it was so encouraging and definitely revived me. with new found gusto i chugged on and finished around 1:30am. and i freaking love them!!! even the frizzies. and it's really funny because i always read about how much some people love the fluffiness and i kind of got it but now that i actually have it i totally understand!! what's even cooler, i think maybe, is that these are the first dreads i have ever felt. i've had friends with a couple here and there and have known some people to have a whole head of them but i never wanted to intrude and ask to feel them. no one knows i've done this except for one of my roommates and my neighbor and you guys! it's going to be funny to see the look on people's faces when they see me. my roommates hate dreads. whenever they come up as a subject those girls have nothing nice to say about them so that's going to be interesting when they see me with them. my mom is going to be a hoot too... anyways. ENOUGH OF ME TYPING! sometimes i need to control my chattiness!! so sorry about that... ON TO THE PICTURES!

a couple of weeks ago with my natural color but straightened:

also a few weeks ago but with my more natural curly/wavy 'do (although it rarely looked this good):

today before i started dreading (my hair is redder-ish now).. gosh, i kind of look creepy hah:

another front-before picture:

before - back:

these next ones are from during the process:

and these are the finished product!:

unfortunately it's really dark in my room and that paired with the fact that my camera ran out of batteries = not so good pictures and none of the front! if you'd like, i can post more as soon as i get more batteries and take pictures in the daylight.

thanks for baring with me. i hope you got some pleasure out of that whole mess and haven't fallen asleep yet. i'll tame it down next time. the excitement just caused a bit of diarrhea of the fingers i guess you would say...
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