Abigail Winchester (idie_andsodoyou) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Abigail Winchester

I've only had my dreads for like, a year and two months (today!), and looking at all these people who post with pictures of new dreads makes me think back to when I first got mine. They were so poofy and spazzy. I loved them cuz of the wild look, but I also love them so much now cuz they're tighter and more.. dready(?) lol

I've been reading a lot of posts with stories (I've wanted dreads for years...!) and I admire people who think things out like that. I think that if I sat pondering for months about doing it or not, I'd get bored with the idea and move on. I think cuz I'm spur of the moment and thats how my dreads came too. but I like the imspirational stuff!

One more:
Sometimes I"ll be in the shower washing my hair, or in the mirror and just get a strange 'i can't believe i actually have dreads' feeling. i never in a million years would have thought i'd end up with dreads one day.. but i love them!!!

oh man, I gotta get to bed
just a little ramble haha
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