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16 months

Not tired, just finished up another round of reviewing for my final and decided to post the pictures that kept me well distracted on my study breaks :) and show off the fine sewing loose hairs in job I did =P

I'm very happy with how they're doing these days, would love a little more length and would love to understand how this length will come about, sometimes when I feel around the roots, it feels like the hair is growing into the dreads thickness rather than length. not sure if that makes sense but let me know if you've experienced this or know how to help it. any suggestions will be much appreciated :)

these first two are from a couple weeks ago, I thought they we're worth posting :)

don't you love the random one that sticks out mm, yes.

I'm still trying to get used to taking pictures with my new glasses...

and here's some of my lovely boyfriend :)

he started with this mess when we met

which I fixed up to look like this

and after we hit it off, I've just been randomly calling him over for some quick fixes :)

and here's my sexy man up close and personal

doing what he does best

My friend asked me to dread his hair..  I was excited to start my first set but also hesitant about dreading his hair because it is so thin and he didn't want a whole set of dreads, just a row at first and then a second row and now I'm waiting for his request for a third :)
I like them though, they seemed to be coming along pretty well last time I saw him so yay :)

okay, that's all! thanks for looking.

peace and love
good luck to those taking finals!
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