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Yup yup.

Hello from Canada!

My name is Shannon, and I'm not new to this community or to dreads but I haven't been an active participant until right... now. (I've just kind-of lurked about and read quite a bit of information.) This is the second set of dreads that I've started; I unfortunately had the first set cut out a year ago because I was naive and my mother fed me lines about all of the things that could go wrong with them. I'm very excited about this set because I'm doing them myself and they're looking pretty sweet so far (I only have seven right now). I started them about a month ago. I've used a combination of rip and twist and backcombing on them, and they vary in sizes, which I'm rather pleased about. Anywho, onto the photographs!

It's hella snowing here right now.
Woo snow!

The right side of my head.
Dreaded goodness.

Aaaannddd the left side.
Dreaded goodness

My favourite dread so far.
Dreaded goodness

Enjoy the snow if you have it!
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