No Excuses, No Regrets. (gypsy88) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
No Excuses, No Regrets.

mush love

I thought I was a mermaid. Oops, I'm not, but having a bath with some peppermint tea and a shitload of seasalt and a mush trip come down is not only a good time but it tightens your dreads hella good, yo.

you know, 4 months ago my hair was nipple length. Now look at them! I can't stop squeezing them. Do you ever look at other people and feel sorry that they can't do fun stuff with their hair?

I always have a few safety pins, a hair tie, and a toonie in my hair, just cuz you never know. I can also store a joint, a cigarette, and a lighter no problem, and most likely lots of other things that I haven't needed to yet.

dude. we rock.
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