my lj name is not pick leg, its pickle g.... (pickleg) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
my lj name is not pick leg, its pickle g....

what are the stupidest question you get asked about your locks? the one iv been getting a lot (since my locks are only about a month old) is "do you take those out each night?" another good one i got last night at the haunted forest was "are those real?" now part of it is that i get the first question alot at the haunted forest, so some people arent sure if i normaly wear my hair this way or if its somethign i do as a constume effect. speaking of the forrest, this goes out to cracker (or however you spell it) do you get alot of people comment on your dreads as you are scaring them? last night a bunch of drunk preps were and one was like "wow he has dreads," then all at once they all say "just like bob marley!"( see where im from the prep and the redneck is very similer, and most of the rednecks and preps really dig bob marley. they dig like country, rap, southern and some classic rock, and bob marley. who knows why) oh one more story and im gone. yesterday i broght a cd player to work (cuz i hate the radio) and while i was washing dishes i play some of my cds (jack johnson was a good hit, as was hottie and the blowfish) and when i played my bob marley legends cds everyone was singing along and they walked past my dishwashign station. twas a beautiful thing...
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