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so last night i palm-rolled my dreads while i was in the shower. i was in there for an hour, listening to tunes, sitting at the bottom, and just rolling my dreads in my palms. i got out and dried 'em out, made sure no water was left so no mold or icks will start growing in there, and then i went to sleep! this morning, i woke up and put it up cos it looked kinda weird and i didnt want to deal with rolling them back into shape or playing with them or whatever, because all i wanted to do was play call of duty...

so anyways, about a half hour ago, i took them down and they are all kinky and curly and cute and then i noticed, HOLY SHIT!! they've shrunk! which is so ironic because i was just reading about how dreads shrink when they're about a month old.

my babies will be a month on the 8th. how exciting.

but yeah! they're so cute curly, and even though i've lost aloooooot of length they're adorable.

:]]imma happy celly
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