No Excuses, No Regrets. (gypsy88) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
No Excuses, No Regrets.

I like jellyfish. Just thought I should put that out there.

Alright, I've been exhausted by mass amounts of partying in sub-zero temperatures, BUT, I promised pictures, and I shall give pictures. Plus I can't sleep so hey, lets kill time!

Alright. So, a month ago I had this:

Then, I did this: ( she put my dreads in. she had them for a year and a half, and she combed them all out about 6 months ago. It's possible!)

And then I took some mushrooms shortly Thereafter, and I wound up with this:

Which, after a few days in a place like This:(totally took this picture whilst I was driving)

In temperatures like this:

Turned into this:

And this:

Then, an hour with a felting needle turned into this:

And this:

Aaaaaand this:

And a new years celebration led to this:

And a hungover new years day led to this:

Sooo, thats it. I'm going to go do productive stuff now, such as sleep, and things like this:

Oh, yes. 5 months as of today. Well. technically today as of 2 hours and 3 minutes ago.

Happy new years everyone, hope you had no regrets, no excuses, and stay rad in the new year.
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