Erik (cottonmouthdn) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Some new pics for the 'locked gang.

Hiya. As usual, my wonderful g/f took pics.

And I'm the one with the dreads in the group shots. Duh.

First shot... This was actually taken at home in front of her new white backgroundy thing. This is the only one I actually like of the lot. She also got this guitar for me. Booyah!

This is in the hallway outside of my band's rehearsal space. Does it look cold? It was. Brr.

This is a long-exposure shot we did in the hallway... I think I look weird in this one.

Here we are again... it was hard not to laugh.. making a very serious rock star face isn't easy when everyone's busy yelling "Open ya EYES! You stupid shit! OPEN!" in a sort of Team America: World Police voice.
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