sioko (sioko) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

The rounded-tip-lock-effect-experiment-thing 1month update!!!

Here's the mini update. Eventually I will make little side-by-side progress photos of each dread with little subs on them like "1month". It'll look so scientific!!! ( >.< )!!!
Also, I attached an extension to a dread to see how that effects the locking process too. It was right around the same time, I'd say within a week.
There were two rounded ones on the right side. The extended dread on my left. And one rounded tip on the back.

The one I'm holding with the bead on it is the extended one.

For some reason it's made one large loop. I expect it to multiply from the lumps beside and beneath it in the future. It could eventually become a bunchy monster. Or a tea cup. I'm telling the future!!!! OooooOoOoOooooo!!!!!
The dread doesn't seem very tight, many straight hairs. We'll see.

This is the little monster on my right. I've taken to calling it that. With some palm rolling after showers while half dry it is coming along but is still a little monster threatening to get even shorter. The rounding seems to have had no effect on it's progress if it hasn't sped it up.

It's crazy. I'm hoping it won't beavertail. No offense to those, I just don't want one where this one is.

This is the long one on the back of my head that I rounded. Nothing seems to be happening below the half way point. All progress is in the top half of the dread and is coming along at a seemingly normal speed. That sweet little v-kink in it has become a whole nother animal.

Can you see that?? That was a smooth v before!

The close up shows better. It's more of a S now.

Here's a nice back shot of the mess. I know, spotty mirror. I don't know how that happens, no one brushes their teeth in this bathroom!

Yay, me on Christmas Eve. That stupid clock..... grrrrr..... anyway......... I got a butt load!!!! Yarharharhar!  \\(^0^)//  <--greedy face
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