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Hello & Help.

First off, I'd like to introduce myself.
As i've been lurking this community for quite some time, simply to admire the many gorgeous picture, and people whom are a part of this community.
I have not participated because, well, i haven't really had the time.
But ANyhoo.

I've had my current set of dreadlocks for approx. 18 months.
Time sure flies by.

Now for my problem...
Hopefully somebody of hair colouring experience can help me out.

For a while i've been wanting a lighter , more uniform blond. & a change.
I have no knowledge or experience in working with bleach, and was afraid of the damage i could do alone, and so went to a salon to play with the chemicals for me.
They did what they do, and I Now have very extreme, platinum blonde...a tad more than what i had expected.

It looks a lot neater now, & I'm happy with the colour, BUT, i'd much prefer a more natural shade of blond, which was my original goal.
The bleaching was just done today. It's fresh.
What can i do to fix my colour? To Tone it down a bit.
Will it darken a bit by itself as it is no longer a fresh bleach?


Now for a Before + After


Messy brown


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