dreadsweet (dreadsweet) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

(I'm Not New) Just makin' changes.

 Hi all
Hope you all had a grand christmas!

I didn't, hence me creating a new account. I won't go into detail, but there have been an awful lot of problems at home, so I am never going to be going there again...hence my 'fresh start'. And that means everything.....except my dreads of course.

Most of you will know me from my old LJ: fuckxmexdoll but I shan't be using it anymore, as it contains all my journals of these events.

All the same, a new year, a new start. My dreads will be two years old in about 6 weeks, so Im looking forward to updating a timeline! For now, heres a sleepy morning face picture to re-fresh your head on who I am.....

As for this felting/roving wool, i intedn to remove the blue, and go multi-coloured on my ass. I already have a bit out back, but I want to go the full whammy. Hopefully before le next update. Squee :)

Peace out x
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