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i'd like to ask you beautiful people for a cock sized favour...
well, not cock sized, nothing to do with cocks or other genitals... i just like that phrase...
anyways, i'm doing some artwork based on dreads for my college project, and i'd
really like it if some of you could send me a link to your favourite picture of you, or a
friend, or anyone with dreads.
not all images will be used if there is 100's, but i will use as many as i can. 
i'm looking at the cultural side of dreadlocks and why we have them, and what
they represent and mean to us, why we got them etc.........

all i ask is that the pictures are nice and natural, not edited in any way (unless
you like the image in black and white, sepia etc) and that it is not your
typical ''myspace shot pose'' type thing....ya know, having the camera above your 
head while you pout haha.... i dont see many of those here anyways so thats good.

i just wanted to ask because obvisouly i dont want to just use random peoples
pictures without asking them.

sooo post awayyy :) i will put up pictures of my artwork as it comes out.

thankyouuu mwahs xxx
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