Typhoid Groovy, Esq. (antithesister) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Typhoid Groovy, Esq.

felting details

I looked in the memories, but couldn't find anything completely relevant.

My dreads are about nine months old, and doing fairly well. I've dyed and bleached them a little too much in the past, and don't wanna do it anymore. I still like having colourful hair, though, so I'm thinking about felting some pretty wool in. I was just wondering, is it more likely to cause mold due to incomplete drying? Maybe it's a stupid question, the answer being "dry your hair properly you lazy asshole", but I hate blowdrying and never seem to do it entirely thoroughly. I don't want the wool to hold extra water and mold my hair even more than it probably is already.

Also, how hard is it to remove the wool if you change your mind after felting?

A picture for pictures' sake:

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