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Why hello there!  I've had my dreadies for a little over a month now, and so I figured it's about time I show their progress!  I'm quite happy with them, though I do have some of the normal problems including loose ends and itchy scalp.  Anyways,

Both of these are at about half a month.  This was before and during a haircut experiment :P
The rest of these are from over break, sooo a little over a month

My cousin and I stayed in a Bed and Breakfast for Christmas, and it snowwwwed the next morning.  We made them a snowman in their yard before we left :)

I had my hair pinned up trying to get it curly before my friend's wedding
The end result plus some work from my mother was quite nice if I do say so myself

My boy and I before the wedding.  You can kinda see how the side of my hair is pinned up

and this one has nothing to do with my hair, but it makes me smile a lot.  Maylene was playing equaling we were being metal

Have a wonderful evening everyone :D
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