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white bits in your dreads?!!!

so i've got some dandruff...
i looked in the memories and learned the wonders of apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil
i washed my dreads last night and applied some tea tree oil to 
the "hot spots" (where it gets ithcy)
in a few days i'll do the vinegar rinse and a little more tea tree oil,
and hopefully that'll do it.

i was inspecting my dreads lastnight
and some bits that i thought were dandruff actually appear to be little split ends.
and these little broken hairs aren't at the bottom of the dread, but the tops...
it doesn't look so nice,
since i have dark hair.
it looks like my dreads are dirty,
and half of the people in my life already think they are.
(they aren't, of course!)

as anyone else expierenced this?
there probably isnt much i can do, is there?

thanks fellow dreadheads!

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