cplvdreams (cplvdreams) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

I hate DreadHeadHQ (Or, Why I Should Have Found This Place Sooner.)

This being my second post, I should introduce myself as my bio still isn't written yet. My name is Ian and I'm from the Philly, PA suburbs. I'm 21, a student at Kutztown University, and I've been calling myself a gothic-hippie long before I googled the term and found out it was already taken. I'm totally into nature and the outdoors. I work at a summer camp I've been with for almost 10 years now, and I plan to make that into a career eventually. My mother is a leftover from the 70s golden era of hippies, and I've sorta taken that influence and twisted it with the early 2000s goth culture - I love dark colors, especially blue, red, and purple, and once my baby dreads are ready, those colors are going in. I'm a drummer, but I've also played piano, viola, guitar, and bass guitar at various points thus far. I'm totally and (almost) exclusively into Progressive Rock of all forms; from the 70s classic stuff to the new underground stuff; from spacey stoner experimental stuff like Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree to rip-your-balls-off-and-feed-it-to-the-dog-and-videotape-it-and-post-it-on-YouTube-in-your-face-metal like Dream Theater (my favorite band), Opeth, Pain of Salvation, and others.

Anyways, to the real subject on my post....

So right after my Dreads were backcombed on Oct. 28th, I followed DreadHeadHQ's instructions and waxed them all. A few days after that I found this place and all the anti-wax advice. I tried everything I could to rinse/wash the wax out, and I though I had succeeded. Well, as I mentioned in my first post here on New Year's Eve, The dreads on the sides of my head have all grown together at the roots, which didn't look or feel very nice. Following your very helpful suggestions I've been performing my dread-root-ectomy with some scissors and it is coming along very nicely....but guess what I've found nessled in the deepest depth of the former über-root?

That's right - damn DreadHeadHQ wax!


Pics and stuff by tomorrow - I promise!
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