dogsdontknowme (dogsdontknowme) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Loose hair, Short Locks.

This lock maintenance technique is known as dreadballing, and its is for clearing loose hair, but with a twist (a metaphorical twist, not in the hair hah). Sorry I have no pics but I will try to explain everything.

     A. Reasons other methods oif hair clearing doesn't work for me:

    1. Sewing doesn't work because my locks are short. My short (silky) hair slips out when sewed in in a matter of hours, especially if I wear a hat.

    2. R&T sewing This does work for some large strands of my hair, but where there's just a few it rips (suprise) the hair too short to be sewed in so I have to wait til it grows long enough to be sewed in. annoying.

    3. Regular dreadballing. Its completely useless [for those who don't root rub 24-7]. Dreadhead HQ can suck it.

B. Supplies:

    1. A long bobby pin or piece if thin wire bent like one. (not a needle, you'll read why)

    2. A thumb and forefinger, actually a pair of both wouldn't hurt. If you have calluses on these fingers its even better.

     C. Technique

    1. Find loose strands of hair that are all near a certian dread and start dread balling it. (roll it between your thumb and forefinger which YOU should have if you read the instructions.)

    2. leave at least an inch of non-balled root. I go with about 2 because of my loose roots. (my roots aren't 2 in long. about an inch)

    3. Put the dreadball next to the dread and see how far it goes. Insert the bent end of the Bobby pin aboove that spot, going down the middle of the dread coming out at the root.

    4. Pop the ball through the BP loopy thing.

    5. Pull the dread-ball=bp up through the root.

    6. When it starts feeling tight, stop pulling, push the bobby pin out the other side of the dread leaving the ball embedded in the middle of the dread.

    7. Palm roll a bit.

    8. Pay me or give me food as gifts.

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