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i need help. i need a new job where i can have my dreadies and hopefully wear my nosering as well, because ive been wanting to pierce my lip, but i cant do it cuz of my job.. i can take my nosering out for eight hours a day because ive had it pierced for a few years... but! cant do that with a brand new piercing. sigh.. i dont know how long you have to wait before you can switch and wear a retainer thing.. dont have any experience with those...

but where do you guys work?

i cant believe i actually did it, but i applied at a new Hot Topic in the area, even tho i really dont care much for the store itself, but the "dresscode" is quite enticing... trying to get a job at maybe a record store of some sort... thatd be cool.

well, just curious where you guys found employment....

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