madeleine. (icanjustpretend) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


i just spent about twelve hours backcombing/rip and twist.

it is beautiful! about 23 so far.

pictures coming ASAP. i still have the top part of my hair in a beautiful mess of sectioned off goodness, but i am SO happy that i finally went through with it and made it happen, because my hair looks so goood right now!

we made thicker ones on the bottom, and thinner ones layering over them. my hair over the summer was so layered that it was almost a mullet, but the layers have grown out a LOT and i've only trimmed my split ends once since then. been preparing since. my longest hairs before dreading were almost to my waist and the shortest almost at my shoulders.

i finally got my hair very close to my natural color (light brown) from black, it took about three bleaching/dyeing jobs.

i also cut a perfect frame of bangs/hair around my face beforehand that i'm leaving brushable.

i am in love :]
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