ivka_ivka (ivka_ivka) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


im so nervous right now, i tend to think that everything is goin to end up pretty bad (im such a drama queen).
Im goin to get my dreads done this saturday (please, whoever is listening!) and i really dont know what's goin to happen, i will totally freak out if they are WAY TOO SEPARATED or too short or TOO anything, i dont even know how they're goin to look like....

i swear to you, i can't even sleep.

ps. here's my hair (pretty fucked up (too much "all hair pink", and blue and purple and multicoloured and silver and bleached and in 5 years...my mum is allways saying i'll be bald by 22...)

wish me luck...or whatever..just wish me something positive LOL
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