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I have dreadlocks. Right about noooow.
We worked on them on and off (but mostly on) since about 3 pm. We just finished about an hour ago. And they really don't look much like dreadlocks, but they've got a long road ahead of maturing. All natural, not using any wax (though I may break down and use it for the first month or so). Anyway...

(Sorry about picture quality. Better ones to come.)

Here are my dreads in all their fro-ed out glory. But they look a lot better when I tame them a bit.

Enter...the headband.

A special thank you to Derek (LJ User battlechaser and wonderful boyfriend) for patiently helping me do the back of my head! <3

It's like children. A whole litter! The better I take care of them and pay attention to them, the more they will mature into proud beauties. Each one individual and special. I love them already, the scruffy little devils.

More updates on the proud owner of a bitchin' hairstyle to come in future...
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