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dready artwork ideas...

thankyou to everyone who has sent me photo's of their dreads for my current project...
i'm currently filling a sketchbook of ideas and such, and i wanted to just share
some of my thoughts.

my first few pages are a brief history of dreadlocks, with pictures and such
then theres my own pictures, followed by pictures of you guys,
some of them will be in the sketchbook along with research, and some i will draw/copy
in my own style, to see which images work etc, then some of these may
get turned into larger scale final pieces of artkwork.

i'm sorry i can't use everyones photo's and do finished pieces of each individual,
but thank you everyone who is kinda enough to help me out :)
i will post pics of sketchbook work and artwork as they come

if anyone has ideas for artworks feel free to share :)

sezzabelle x
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