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some people just don't get it.

so the first day of dreading, when my head is half done and i had to just throw on a bandana thingy to go to work, my grandmother randomly shows up at my house.
now, normally that would be fine...however, this time, she takes one look at me and exclaims, "what on earth have you done to your hair? that looks TERRIBLE! you don't even want me to tell you what that looks like! you look like a (whispers) 'colored person.' don't you visit anyone in the family with your hair like that! they won't let you in the house!" i had no idea how to respond to i just laughed hysterically at how shallow and closed-minded my grandmother was. if there were ever a time i felt like hitting my grandmother, as much as i love her (despite her flaws), this was it. what color, gram? purple? anywho, just thought i'd share my opening dread experience. i view my grandmother differently now. #1 she flips out about a hairstyle...but it was ok when my hair was a different color of the rainbow at any given time. #2 apparently now she's prejudiced or something...or thinks that only "colored people" should have dreadlocks. (yes, i'd definately be purple if i were a colored person) #3 she thinks the rest of my family is as naive as her.

she hasn't come around much since =P

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