J (ex_tribalesq330) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Something funny just struck  me. You guys know I've been saving for some hair (human hair) to make some extensions with... and some of you also know I'm vegan. A thought came to mind just a few moments ago, probably sparked by a radio talk show I listened to a few weeks back with a hilarious debate on whether or not swallowing during giving a headjob was considered vegan - as if you wanna get really technical semen is an animal product.

Apart from eating animal products, in case some don't already know, vegan's don't use anything that comes from an animal. Including wool, leather, silk, etc... somehow this got me on human hair. TECHNICALLY it's not vegan. It's an animal product. Now, I'm not look for anyone to try and help me justify my choices or anything... I'm really not fussed it's human hair... I just wanted to share two things....

1) The mental image I had of humans being factory farmed... their heads being shaved when it reached 20 inches in length... being fed hair growth hormones. I admit, I giggles out loud.

and 2) My dreads are now 8 months old, and finally looking a bit like some dreadlocks on my head! Which is pretty exciting :D

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