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hi. i have dreadlocks. some are nearing a year in age. each has an affectionate story and a name, all of which i've completely forgotten; this does cause me dreadies to have a positive, nostalgic air about them, which i'm sure all dreads have.

i have an annoying layer of hair under my dreads, on the side and back of my head. and weird bangs, of course. many times, this hidden layer of strange, straggly hair comes up in conversations involving the words "soon", "backcomb", and "after another bowl (of salad.) and funny video"; meaning it never quite gets done. my question is, what can i do with this? after i post this, i'll go, like every other noob, and read the memories, and edit, and apologize.

but either way i've introduced myself to this community now, and let me say that everyone's dreads are amazing. i'm fascinated by human hair, and how it interacts with human faces; therefore this community rocks my world. maybe that's mildly creepy, but oh well. i suppose i am. Xp


this is how i normally wear my hair, when i 'wear' it. other times, its usually just hair in it's natural state and habitat. incidentally, there is always a tree in the background when i wear my hair like this.

this silly collage brought to you by the gimp, myself, and a short tutorial by lightningnimrod. just fyi, you know.

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