r3d_r3d_r053 (r3d_r3d_r053) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

I know this isn't that huge of a milestone, but I'm pretty excited about it ^_^

Problem though, is that on a lot of my dreads, I have 3-4 inches of un-dreaded hair on the ends... and I'm sure this is fairly normal. But there are a few where MOST of the dread is just normal hair...only the base is dreaded.

Sooooo... my question is (er...questions *are* haha):

Should I keep back-combing the ends on a semi-regular basis until they get the idea and stay that way? Because I've been trying to palm roll when they're wet after I shampoo and stuff, which seems to be helping the body of the dread but not the ends at all, in fact they seem to come more and more apart everytime i shampoo (and I've been shampooing every other day... maybe that's too often?)
And I got my dad to help me a bit with a crochet hook on a few of my dreads, which seemed to help those quite a bit, but again that's on the main body of each lock. And I don't really mind having little curls on the ends for now, but I'm just worried that more and more hair is coming un-dreaded hahah. And maybe I'm just getting worried for no reason and this is a normal part at such an early stage in the dreading process.

Oh, and also, I tried using a crochet hook on the end of one, and i just got this big ol' loop at the end which looked pretty damn silly haha, so I guess when it comes to fixin up the tips, I'm not exactly sure how to go about that.
Again, I'm sure patience is the key ingredient here, but I'm mainly just curious is all, and wondering what maybe your personal experiences are with this ^_^

Thanks so much!

Hooray! =D
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