★☆★SkaBadger☆★☆ (skabadger) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Original Rockers

my dreads just wont stop growing!!! there's a couple of right fatties hiding under that somewhere. people always say to me wow theyre so long, youre gona hav to cut them at some point! but i never want to! but im worried they wil get really heavy and the roots wil go all thin or something! never want to have to put scissors to them...doubt i will, love em too much!! had them 6 yrs now and they began at shoulder length but obviously shrunk from that when they began dreading. i rarely wash them.. and ive jus been swimming and i tie them up in a big bun on my head, will have to get a pic of that sometime!!
loving all your dread pics in gudu :) peace xx
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