Starving Perfection (leakyfishbowl) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Starving Perfection

Something terrible happened this morning. I washed my dreadies this morning, as the cold NY winter air gives me the intchies in the worst possible way. Then when I was done, I flipped my head upside down to towel dry them, then flipped them back up over my head when I was done. Then something fell out of my dreads and landed on my foot. Do you know what it was!!??

That. That fell out. It is a shard of my favorite glass bead. Its a strawberry thats been in my hair since they were about a month old.

So I reached around the back of my head to find the bead and couldnt. I found the dread though =(

All thats left. It was held into my dread with a twist tie that had long been eaten by the dreadlock, so it looked like it was just floating on the side of my dready. Now theres just a little glass smidge left and Ill have to have someone cut it out for me =(

The strawberry used to be dead center, maybe a little closer to the top of the dread, but as my dread changed shape and shrank weirdly it migrated to the very bottom where it constantly clanked against my big blue glass bead, the kind made specifically for dreads, which prooved to be stronger then my stawrberry, because now its dead.

Sad lack of strawberry =(
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