fabulastic_nyc (fabulastic_nyc) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

haha, i feel i bit silly following that post with a question, but i promise i did read the memories. i saw there was a post about if your dreads began to combine at the roots you should rip the apart to separate them, and that has worked for me for the most part. my problem is that it seems on the back of my head i have a rats nest where in some cases i cannot tell where one dread begins and the other ends to rip them apart. i know that patience is the best virtue, i just don't want to get a beaver tail in the back of my head. i'm pretty sure its from me rolling around in my sleep and i cant to much about that. i just wanted to know if you could give me a pointer or two or if i should just stop whining.

thank you
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