Kelly Danielle Morgan (hamburgerhop) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
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"Your dreads are coming out!"

My mom is so cute. She just came up while I was sitting here on the computer and looked at my dreads and said "Oh no! Your dreads are coming out!" and started playing with the end of one. I explained to her that the ends take time.

They're exactly 3 months old today, and shrinking like crazy.

And just so this isn't text-only,

Those pesky loose ends. And that jewel you see on the right looks like an earring, and it is! It's just not in my ear ... I stuck into a dread. I love it.

We've got a little Captain in us ;] [I'm the one on the left, obvi]

Wooooo! What a mess.

That's all for now. Peace ♥
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